Positive Intelligence

As Shirzad Chamine explores in his book Positive Intelligence: Why only 20% of teams and individuals achieve their true potential “Your mind is your best friend but it is also your worst enemy.”

We all have internal Saboteurs who generate negativity but we also have a Sage that produces positive emotions. The challenge is to weaken the Saboteurs and strengthen the Sage.

I am able to provide the flagship positive intelligence program (Mental Fitness) as part of my coaching program where you can develop 3 core muscles :-

  • The Saboteur Interceptor Muscle, which gives you the ability to intercept and discredit your Saboteurs
  • The Sage Muscle, which gives you a clear and calm mind
  • The Self-command Muscle, which allows you to run your brain rather than allow your Saboteur-hijacked brain to run you

If you’re mentally fit, you can handle life’s great challenges without mental stress or other negative emotions.

You’ll be happier and perform better.

For further details, see www.positiveintelligence.com