What my clients say

“What I most appreciated about the support given by Lindsey was she not only drew on her coaching skills but was able to combine that with her accountancy knowledge. This was particularly valuable to me as we could discuss in depth some of my tasks and I knew she really understood the issues and helped me come up with practical solutions. She made me realise that, although solving issues on my own may be quicker, it does not provide a long term solution and that time spent investing in others is vital both to the development of these people, as well as for my own sanity.

Her suggestion of taking time at the end of the day to celebrate achievements completely changed my mindset and it has made a difference in that I now close off the day on a positive note and can clear my mind of work during the evening. Before, I would focus on what was left to do and this would then occupy my mind of an evening. It has made such a difference to me that I have even passed this on to one of my colleagues.

Often, all that is required is someone to show you the true harsh reality and make you reflect on what you are doing and why and this is precisely what Lindsey did. The six week program with her was well worth it.”

Susan Jordan – Economic Reporting Accountant

” I worked with Lindsey while setting up a new business venture. During this hectic period, Lindsey helped me to adjust my schedule to ensure the correct mix of operational activities and taking time to focus on the end Vision of the venture and on mapping out the detailed steps to achieving that Vision. This focus on the goal helped to boost my energy-levels when the hours were long or when setbacks occurred.

I appreciate Lindsey’s relaxed style, making it easy to discuss not only work issues, but also helping me to learn about the psychology of sources and drains of energy and how to plan to have more energy through small changes in my daily habits.

For me as an independent Business-owner, Lindsey was a valuable sounding board to discuss business plans, drawing on her financial and corporate experience to provide a critical challenge to ideas. This has certainly helped clarify the path forward for my business.”

Ian Gronbech – Director Greenstream Consulting BV

“Having recently entered a new phase of my life came all the joys and the challenges that come with that transition period and I needed guidance when it came to achieving my goals.

What I most appreciated about the work with Lindsey was that she helped me break things down into bite size chunks and asked the type of question that deepened the conversation. This was important to me to help build a clearer picture of what I wanted to achieve and the difference that’s made is that I approach things in a more calm manner and can focus on my strengths.”

Joya Ahluwalia – Corporate Communications Lead

“What I found valuable in the Mental Fitness program was identifying my saboteurs and learning to be in better control of them. I hadn’t realised how much stress their sabotage work had caused over the years! The whole process of empowering one’s Sage makes so much sense, and Shirzad’s calm and repetitive method of coaching you every single day in the app certainly helps build good habits which will stay part of my daily routine now forever.

 Lindsey’s gentle guidance and nudging during our weekly Pod Discussions was important, not only because it helped me in my understanding of the 6-week journey but also gave me the ability to form good habits in PQ repping after the program finished.”

Sarah Groves

“I really enjoyed the 6 week Mental Fitness program and learning how to identify my judge, sage and saboteurs. All the techniques suggested to best manage them were clearly explained and very accessible, even with a busy schedule.

What I most appreciated about the work with Lindsey was her knowledgeable, supportive and organised approach.  I have noticed a huge improvement in my capacity for empathy towards myself and others and by incorporating PQ reps into my daily practice I can now deal with stressful situations much more effectively.”

Jacqui Venables