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Whether you are embarking on something new, be that your first job, a change of role, or even on a more personal level, you are moving location and maybe even countries, it’s very likely that you will meet and be working or interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds, which may make you question your own values and beliefs.

I can guide you through these times with a one on one coaching that is tailored to you, using various tools and techniques including focusing on your wants and needs, assessing your energy levels and where your energy comes from, as well as what drives you (your values and purpose).

With support, you can recognise and accept different values and beliefs while feeling more at ease with your own. Being true to yourself, you can move forward with restored confidence and unlock your full potential.

Similarly, you may be finding it difficult to make the transition from being one of the team to the team leader, or knowing what you want from your role.

With guidance, you can appreciate the greatness inside you and quieten that inner critic that may be preventing you from moving forward and taking that leap of faith.

It’s all about getting to know yourself or re acquainting you with yourself.

I may also, as appropriate, introduce concepts from Self-Worth (John Niland) and Positive Intelligence (Shirzad Chamine) and the coaching could be combined with programs related to these topics. To find out more on these, click on the buttons below.